Tuesday, December 06, 2016


I'm pretty sure that I'll be resurrecting this blog in the coming months and years.

But in the meantime, have a read from James Shelley about looking at the US election and the futility of trying to come up with a simple answer to how we got here:

James Shelley - After the Election

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Selfish Votors

I recognize that there is already a lot of negativity in our political system, so I say these words carefully: Just how self-absorbed do you have to be to think you can excuse yourself from the most basic of all responsibilities to citizen ship in your country? Do you just want a participatory political system that you don’t have to actually participate in? Honestly, what’s your deal? - James Shelley

Friday, June 08, 2007

Why is it debate season already?

Long time, no ranting.

I'm not sure if most of you are taking the time to watch the early debates, but here's my observations:

Republicans pandering to the shallower thinkers by asserting that only they support our troops, understand that the world is a dangerous place, believe in God, etc.

If you are a conservative voter - demand actual depth in your nominee's positions.

Democrats offering soundbite length versions of complex answers - giving the aforementioned Republican candidates fodder for their 'the Democrats just don't understand' lines.

I'm hoping that voters take the last 8 years as a signal that a deeper, more thoughtful president is what we need this time around.

My favorites - if only because they seem to be willing to 'go deeper' than the rest of the field:

John McCain - his pandering to the base over the last couple years is almost offset by his taking unpopular positions with regard to immigration, etc.
Mike Huckabee - while I may not agree with everything he says, at least he acknowledges (at least in the portions of the debate I saw) the complexity of the world we live in.
Ron Paul - though a former Libertarian, he oddly seemed more Democrat-like than the rest of the field and also came across as a thinker.

Barack Obama - intelligent, optimistic, while I'm still waiting to see even more depth in his plans
John Edwards - see Obama, add southern drawl.
Hillary Clinton - while everyone either loves her or hates her, I still haven't made up my mind. I am truely annoyed by her pandering to various voting groups (see her awful, affected southern drawl in a campaign stop on YouTube). Her attempts to be everything to everyone could be her downfall.
Joe Biden - not normally mentioned in the front-runners category, though I think he could come from behind to really give everyone a run for the nomination.

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